Most towing can be handled with a traditional tow truck using the wheel lift method. In some cases it is better for your vehicle to be towed using a flatbed tow truck. All wheel drive vehicals and automatic transmission vehicals are examples of when its better to use a flatbed tow truck. This insures there is no damage to the drive-train components when in tow. 

Flatbed towing is great for cars that have a lower stance. It is difficult to get the cradle from a traditional tow truck under these vehicals. With a flatbed the bed can be extended to almost a horizontal position to allow for the vehicle to be loaded with no damage to the under carriage.

Flatbed towing in Macomb County and surrounding areas. Flatbed towing is also generally used when a vehicle is totaled and can not be towed with any of the wheels on the ground. This is usually the case in accidents or road side emergencies where one more tires will not roll or are missing.

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