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24 Hour Roadside and Towing Service in Clinton Township

Do not let yourself be stuck in an automotive situation without out our number handy. Program us into your phone so you can give us a call whenever you need us.  One of our amazing tow truck drivers will be on the way to you in a very timely manner.

Towing Clinton Township. Congratulations, you have just found the best towing and emergency vehicle services company in your area. We understand that you need us there quickly.  It is very frustrating when your car breaks down, or you accidentally lock yourself out of your car. No one plans on that happening.  Fortunately, we are here to save you day or night.  If you stranded are in an accident, give us a call and let us help you breathe easy. Our wreckers are trusted and have an experienced staff you can depend on.

Being stranded on the side of the road is not on anyone’s to do list and once you call a tow truck the wait with some of the other companies can seem to drag on and on. That is why being able to depend on us, the fast responding towing company, is necessary. If your vehicle suddenly becomes dangerous to operate try your hardest to get to the side of the road, turn off your engine, turn on your hazard lights, and give us a call.

It happens to everyone; you think you have everything you need to go inside, you get out close the door and then it hits you, the keys are inside! Maybe the doors didn’t really lock? No, they did. Now what? Call us!
We have all of the tools needed to get you back into your vehicle and back on track with your day.  Our locksmiths are fast and affordable, so you can get back to life with very little damage to your budget. 

We are your go to locally owned and operated towing company. We are a company that strongly believes in the integrity of our staff and going the extra mile to help people in need, as well as being a resource for our community that is affordable. When you think of a tow company you might envision gruff looking staff with little or no interest in what you are going through. That is not how we want you to think of us. We truly care, and want you to know that and trust us.

We know the best advertising we will ever have is a customer who is happy with our work. We will work with you as long as you need to be satisfied with whatever service you need and will make sure you understand everything before we close out our work order with you.

Cheap Tow Truck Service in Clinton Township

Being cheap is not something most companies what to be known for. That is unless you are us and provide the best ‘cheap’ wrecker service around. We do not offer sub par services. We offer budget friendly towing services that are high quality. The tow truck services we offer are the best prices around.  You can be confident that quality of service you are receiving is never lessened for affordability. 

In this line of work, quality and low prices are two things we try hard to impress you, our customers, with.  There are no cutting corners with our work.  We care way too much about your safety and well being to try and save a buck or two for ourselves. You and our drivers are our number one priority while you are out on the road. By calling us we are confident you will receive superior and reasonably priced service every time.

Clinton Township Tow Truck Near Me

We are the local company ready twenty-four hours a day to help out with all of your towing needs.  When something suddenly happens to your transportation and you need help fast, do not call just any local wrecker service. Call Clinton Township Towing service. We are the most responsive tow service in the area, call us and we will get to you quickly.  Although we cannot magically fix your car for you, we can tow your vehicle to an auto repair shop of your choice or, if you do not know where to go, we have a list of preferred auto repair shops we work with regularly and would be happy to share this information with you.  We are always ready for your call for a tow in and near Clinton Township.

Private Property Towing Clinton Township

Do you have any old vehicles on your property that you need removed?
Let us help you get them off your land! We are a fully licensed and insured vehicle recovery specialist. We can remove vehicles quickly and with little fuss.
We know how much of a hassle a vehicle parked illegally or left in a parking lot longer than the allowed time can be. A vehicle that is blocking a fire lane is illegal and dangerous. A vehicle parked on a sidewalk or on your lawn is not fun to look at and could possibly be damaging to your property.
You do not need to put up with this kind of disregard for your property any longer. Call us today and get this issue under control now!

Roadside Assistance Clinton Township

With our towing services we include flat tire assistance.  If you were to come out to your car and you see your tire is flat and you do not have a spare, what do you do?  Call us!  We will come quickly to you with tire jack and a replacement tire ready to save your day. 
Don’t worry, we will not judge you for calling for a tire change, this is our business.  Tire changing is not for everyone’s cup of tea.  So, if you do not want to get down on the ground and dirty your clothing or if you simply do not know how to change a tire, call us, we are happy to help. 

Auto Repossession Company Clinton Township

We are also a repossession company that is always available to you. We are fully insured for your protection and to protect your assets. We can take possession of the vehicle in question, tow it to the facility you request, or store it. If you want to action the vehicle we can also tow it there for you.
Quickness is important when it comes to repossession, a quality that we have down to an art. We are ready to help you with your repossession and will handle everything professionally when representing you in these delicate situations.

Accident Towing Service Clinton Township

If you have been involved in an auto accident, we are standing by to help you. Our hearts are really in our work when it comes to accident tows. We know it is not an easy thing to handle when you have been in an accident, or are calling us for a vehicle of someone you love that was in an accident. We have a long line of experience handling these situations with care. We are here for you and know how hard it can be, you can rest assured we will handle everything on our end to help you focus on more important things. You will not find better pricing and our team is friendly and willing to help you however they can through what can be a very difficult experience.

Vehicle Maintenance Tips

Proper maintenance of your vehicle is smart. To avoid having to call us to help you when you are broken down on the side of the road, here are a few tips that can save you money and time:
Before taking that road trip, take the time to check your fluids. 

Taking a look at your oil, water, power steering fluid, transmission fluid and windshield washer fluid before leaving on a trip will help your car go the extra mile.
Check you tire air pressure before leaving for a trip, or for regular around town driving, check it once a month. 
Before going on a long trip have your battery tested. 
Keep your gas tank at least half full at all times. Underestimating how far your gas will get you is one of our biggest calls. It might seem silly to think of yourself as running out of gas, but it happens more than you think. Keeping the tank half full will insure you will get where you are going.
Keep your tires balance.
Keep your tires rotated properly. 

If any of these issues arise and you are in the area, call Clinton Township Towing for all your towing needs!

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